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About Us

This journey began when I offered to help a friend from my church do some cooking for an elderly relative. He had little experience in the kitchen and was dealing with his wife’s advancing Alzheimer’s Disease. My friend had been helping with meals but hated cooking so much that she knew she was putting fairly average food into their fridge. I sent her a list of meal options to choose from, which resulted in a short shopping list of ingredients for her to buy. From there I went over with my non-perishables and cooked up a storm.

The end result was a selection of tasty, nutritious meals that were healthier and much cheaper than the takeaway and convenience food they had been eating to get by. I made 25 meals in just a few short hours. We were both amazed.

And so the idea was born. I saw the opportunity to simplify people’s lives by cooking for them in their own homes – the same way your cleaner comes and cleans for you – with their own food, in their own kitchens.

Meals are made from scratch using simple, wholesome ingredients. There are no additives, no preservatives, and no mass production. It’s just simple, honest-to-goodness home cooking. Prepared with love.

We are unique. We’re dedicated to helping you simplify life. And we think you’ll love our food as much as we love cooking it for you.