Our costing is very simple and extremely cost effective.

We charge a flat rate of $150 to cook 5 dishes from the menu.

From this we guarantee a minimum of 25 serves, but often there are more.

Each dish has the approximate number of serves indicated along with a guide to the ingredients that will be needed.

We have a few add-ons such as containers, an online shopping service, and sides, which can be added in the bookings page.

*NEW* Mini Cook.

Our mini cook is perfect for a smaller family, a week when you have lots of social events, or for a family without much storage space. Choose 3 dishes which provide a minimum of 15 large serves. Packaged how you like them and a cost of $100 for the service. Add-ons including sides, online shopping and containers can be added as usual. 

As with our full cook, your shopping list will be sent to you after booking, by either email or text.