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Kerrie Frizzel:

“I couldn’t be happier with what “I hate cooking” was able to offer us at a time when my husband was critically ill. In addition to his health condition, we have specific dietary requirements (no grains, no sugar, etc.), and Bek was able to cater for these without any trouble. The food was delicious and having it prepared at our place meant I could see exactly what went into the food and got it into our fridge and freezer immediately. I couldn’t recommend this service more – nothing is too much trouble!”

Lynette Bengston:

“Bek’s service is amazing. To be able to put fresh, wholesome food on the table for my family during a busy week, when I have no capacity to cook the food I want to cook, is such a gift. The meals were already cooked and in my freezer before I got home. I got to choose the meals my family would eat, without the hours  of cooking. Thank you Bek.”

Carole Henry:

Wow! Lauren has wizzed into my kitchen today and created some beautiful meals for me – it was so easy – received a shopping list by email, and left it all in the fridge, came home to beautifully stacked meals in containers ready for the freezer, kitchen spotless! I’m sooo impressed – I like cooking but working 12 hrs a day 7 days a week there’s no time to cook and I LOVE to eat healthy. Thank you Lauren, this is a God send to me ps. I had a sneak taste and the food is delicious!

Diana Ohlrich:

“I love to eat good food but I am not a skilled cook. I don’t even have an interest in cooking. It is just not a passion of mine.

Bek is a passionate cook and loves to cook for others.

My father in law was going through a difficult time and meals were a real struggle for him. I was cooking food for him and his wife but if I’m really honest, it was bad food. Not unhealthy, just bad tasting as I am a terrible, terrible cook.

Bek offered to come over and do a big cook up so I could take over a bulk supply of healthy, tasty meals for him. She gave me a range of meals to choose from and I just had to select the ones I liked and a grocery list was emailed to me. Bek came over and in a few short hours, had cooked up 27 (I can’t remember the number but it was something like this) portions!

The process from start to finish was easy, cost effective and pretty fun.

Bek was incredibly helpful to us at a time when we really needed a little help on the cooking front.

I recommend her service to anyone who likes to eat tasty, healthy food but does not have the time or inclination to cook!”

Christen Holzl:

“I used Bek’s services for a friend who had been hospitalized and was unable to cook for her family. It was an easy, inexpensive service and we knew exactly what was going into the meals. I have since had I Hate Cooking come back and cater for a family gathering in my home. Everyone thought the salads were delicious and were impressed at how relaxed and stress free it made my entertaining! “