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Healthy food, cooked in your kitchen.

  • Enjoy the comfort of home-cooked meals without the hassle. Our skilled Team come to your home to prepare meals that taste like they’re straight from your best home cooking memories.
  • Services can be paid through the Home Care Package, while the client pays for the food, Your Home Care Package funds our service, and you pay for the ingredients.

What you need to know.

Key Benefits:

  • Customizable menu options.
  • Meals prepared in your own kitchen.
  • Alternative to standard meal delivery options.
  • Enhance your everyday meals with diverse, home cooked quality options.
  • Adherence to strict safety and hygiene protocols.

Kitchen Requirements:

  • All we need is a clean and clear kitchen sink and benches. 
  • Clean, working oven.

Dietary Needs:

  • We cater to specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium, and more.

Grocery Costs:

  • The cost of groceries for our shopping service depends on what you have on hand.
  • Groceries usually costs around the $100 for 20 average serves and 30 smaller serves.
  • We can include a condiment service so we can provide the small amounts of ingredients like sauces and pantry items you may never use again.

Online Shopping:

  • Our shopping team will contact you about 3-4 days prior to your booking to confirm your list and organise payment and delivery of your ingredients.
  • Please have a credit card ready.

Booking Process:

  • Contact us via phone or email.
  • If you are computer savvy, you can book online.
  • Our team will discuss your needs and preferences
  • We will reach out to your HCP provider if required. 
  • Confirm your booking, menu and shopping list.
  • Our cook arrives and prepares the meals in your kitchen.
  • They package how you like it AND clean up!
  • Enjoy your freshly cooked, delicious meals.

Ready for a tastier menu? Got Questions?

Contact us to make a booking & tailor your meal plan today.

  • Phone: 0410 526 477
  • Email: hello@ih8cooking.com.au

If you would like us to reach out to you, or someone you are supporting, please use this form.

We will contact them with 2 business days, regarding the best way we can assist them.

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