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Fresh Flavours Cooked in your Kitchen

There are a thousand reasons why I Hate Cooking can help you in your kitchen. Whether it be that you are time poor, struggling with dietary needs, constantly picking up take away menus or you have had a life event change your ability to cook. We can help.

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Full Cook – 25 meals

We come and cook 5 dishes in your kitchen using your ingredients. The list of requirements are provided prior to the cook, or we can do the shopping for you for an additional cost.

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Mini Cook – 15 meals

Our mini cook is a choice of 3 menu items  but it is from a smaller menu. It’s it a good alternative if you don’t need the full 5 menu choices.

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Our LCHF menu provides the caloric intake of each of our low carb dishes to help you keep on track with your LCHF eating plan. We can even send the macros to My Fitness Pal.

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While the majority of our cooks work school hours, some of them are happy to help you with your catering needs on the weekends. Whether it be a curry night, a grazing table or salads for a BBQ. We can help.

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Work Opportunity

Are you interested in a work opportunity that fits around your families needs?  While still being part of a fun, growing and supportive crew?  Well check out I HATE COOKING 🙂 We aren’t a franchise and we don’t employ people; all our cooks have their own ABNs, choose their own schedules and have their own service areas.

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Booking can be made 48 hours out from the cook. Just select your dishes from the menu and open the booking link for one off service or go to the subscription link for a regular booking with your cook.

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Only The Freshest Ingredients

because you supply them, or we deliver them the day before your cook.


“Ohhhhhh my! The closest thing to having a home cook I have come across. The number of whole food, healthy meals in my freezer I now have as backup is outstanding! There is something so reassuring about having meals planned and prepped, kind of like my mum popped in and took care of me…. All I paid for were the ingredients, (which I would have pretty much purchased anyhow) and the rest was done for me for a measly $150 as if by magic. Highly recommended! I cannot recommend the choc chip biscuits unfortunately – THE FAMILY ATE ALL OF THEM BEFORE I GOT A CHANCE TO TRY THEM!! Five stars 

“Wow!! To walk into my house where five fresh delicious meals were cooked and the kitchen looking amazing was a dream!! With my husband working away and three busy kids this has been a life saver. Thanks Vic, the meals were delicious, you are amazing!! Look forward to our next cook!! ”

“Very pleased I made the investment in having I Hate Cooking come into my home and prepare 5 wonderful dishes – my fridge is now full of beautiful fresh food and I can spend more time with my family or reading a book The communication with Ola was excellent, I’ve been raving to many people about the service and will definitely be using I Hate Cooking on a regular basis.”

“Loved having Kim over to cook for us. The food was nutritious, yummy – even for the kids, and it took such a load off me for 2 weeks to have her food ready to go all clearly labelled in our freezer. Highly recommend.”


“I booked a mini-cook & will definitely be booking again!!! Freya was so professional, clean & amazing!!! The meals are so delicious and I am loving coming home after a busy day at work to amazing dinner choices ready in minutes! Being a busy family with after school and evening commitments everyone can eat when they’re ready & I know they’re getting a nutritious, home made meal! Night times have definitely been less stressful this week. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for anyone – you may not “hate” cooking but if you don’t have time to enjoy cooking especially during the week this is for you!”

“Linda knows exactly what she is doing.
Amazing cook who creates the best tasting food, will definitely be using Linda regularly.”

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