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Meet the team

Finding your tribe can be a challenge and when they are spread around the country it makes the journey even more challenging. We are really proud of what each of our team members brings to the table. Most importantly, each of them is selected because they have a heart to serve.


Bek Daley

Chief Recipe Tester / Founder

Meet our Founder. Bek is a mum of 2 girls and has spent her whole life being prepared to bring this to you. She is married to a culinary critic (in home cooking) and if it makes it onto the menu it has been OK’ed by him.



Amanda is married with 3 school aged children. She has always had a passion for cooking for family and friends.  Amanda is originally from Wallumbilla (near Roma) and brings her country values and home style cooking to our team.


Brisbane/ Moreton

Vic is a Mum to 2 gorgeous and busy boys, growing up in a family of passionate cooks and restauranteurs cemented her love of cooking  healthy and delicious whole food meals, particularly evident in her flavour rich curries. She is looking forward to sharing the gift of great food with others.



Renae is a married mum with 2 small humans (6 & 7) and has a husband that travels frequently. She recently left the corporate world behind to create more work life balance. Renae has a passion for cooking and loves to cook and especially loves to cook delicious home cooked meals from scratch. Cooking is Renae’s happy place, and its much easier than yoga.



As a stay at home mum for 18 years in a rural location, Steph developed her love of food from paddock to plate. She is passionate about using high quality ingredients but also ensuring food is fun! Recipe development lead her to start blending my own spices (to ensure there were no nasty surprises or preservatives.) She loves to share the joy cooking brings her, with friends and family.



Catherine is a busy lady with 2 beautiful kids, who just likes to get things done. She is super organized and has an incredible passion for all things food.


Moreton Region

Being a Mum to two busy girls from the North of Brisbane, I understand just how time poor people can be. After spending my whole life in the hospitality and customer service industries and with a passion for home cooking, I am looking forward to helping my community regain precious time with loved ones and soothing them with delicious food.



Yve is a Supermum. She is used to cooking for large crowds due to her large extended family. She is a substitution expert, dealing with many different types of allergies amongst her skillset. Cooking is her love but her passion is teaching helping people to gain independance with our COOK EAT REPEAT  cooking program.



Staci a mum of two beautiful girls who keep her busy so she understand that time is precious, but she also understands that wholesome delicious food is a must! Both Staci and her Husband love cooking, being able to serve someone tasty homemade nutritious meals makes her heart sing.


Redlands/South Brisbane

Bron is a mum of two wonderful young boys, one who is on the spectrum. Her family express love through getting together, cooking and eating. She’d love to be able to share her passion for food with others.


Redlands/Bayside/South Brisbane

Toni is a mum of 2 busy teenagers, who has always had a passion for food and cooking.  With a background in natural health she is driven to helping people enjoy wholesome and nutritious food, bursting with flavour without spending all day in the kitchen. Additive free cooking and using hubby’s home-grown produce and local produce are on Toni’s list of priorities.


Brisbane West

Andrea is married and a loving mum to two sporty little boys! She has a passion for home cooking and loves serving up delicious and nutritious food for family and friends. One of her son’s has allergies so she is used to substituting ingredients to suit dietary requirements or personal preferences.



Grace offers our Cook Eat Repeat program in the Brisbane area. She is a bubbly and fun cook, who has completed her Cert 2 and Cert 3 in Hospitality. She has been working as a carer in the disability sector for some time and travels extensively around the Brisbane area to cook with you. 


Logan / Northern Gold Coast

Dani is a mum of 3 beautiful kids. She has a heart to serve, which is one of the prerequisites to cook for us.


Southern Gold Coast/Tweed

Glenn is an emptynester wanting to cook for your family as his has flown the coop! Cooking for family and friends has always been a passion and given him a great feeling of community. Speaking of, he is the King on the Coolangatta Tweed Rotary BBQ and is excited to join the crew from I Hate Cooking and expand his horizons


Northern Gold Coast

Kaz is passionate about the health and wellness industry. 
Her goal is to create change by raising an awareness through education of health and wellness practices.
Her mission is to empower the community to gain knowledge and skills so they can be well and thrive.


Gold Coast

Jenny is a busy mum of 5 kids. Cooking is her happy place and she loves to create meals that everyone likes, which is not always so easy.
She has always loved cooking and has a lot of great memories cooking with her grandma and mum. She is excited to pass that on to her kids and to you as well.



Jacinta is an extremely busy mum of 4 small children. She loves to cook for them and is constantly working with recipes to cater to the intolerances in her family. She’s really excited to bring I Hate Cooking to the Ipswich community



Originating from the UK and, after backpacking around Australia, Lis decided to call this great land home. She is Mum to 3 adult children and one teenager, also home-educator and foster carer.  She likes to live a preventative, healthy lifestyle and enjoys a diet from a diverse range of cuisine.   Lis is looking forward to assisting clients in cooking nutritious and wholesome meals for themselves.  In a nutshell, she is creative, compassionate … and a lover of good coffee! Lis is offering our Cook Eat Repeat program in the Ipswich area.

Jennifer VB


Jennifer is the mother of 4 boys and has many grand children, so has had a world of cooking experience. She believes that going to someone’s home and cooking for them is not just about the cooking, rather becoming a friend, teaching a life skill, being a listening ear.
She is the life of the party. and I know how to organise one! 



Bev wears many hats, from farmers wife to expert sour dough maker and busy mum. Her customers love her food and love having her in their house to creat delicious meals.


Sunshine Coast / Nambour

Emmie is a Sunny Coast mum of 2 amazing little men and has a FIFO husband. Emmie found her passion for cooking during school, when she enrolled in a hospitality certificate. From then on she has been cooking up a storm. She loves making cooking fun and most importantly, sharing food. Knowing how busy life can be, Emmie is offering you a help you learn to cook in your kitchen. 


Gympie - Noosa - Nambour

Sara is a busy Mum who understands that you don’t always have time to put a home-cooked meal on the table. She loves cooking, and can help you serve healthy, tasty meals for you and your family.


Hervey Bay

Anika is a long time resident of Hervey Bay and mum of 2. She loves cooking for family and friends, and making sure that her kids have fun and healthy snacks for their school lunch boxes and that hubby has something delicious for his work lunch.



Lauren is married and the mum of 2 kids. She has been working in the food industry for many years. She has a passion for whole foods and cooking what she grows. She is also a recipe tester for Jo Whitton of Quirky fame.



Vanessa has 4 children and has always enjoyed cooking. She became passionate about wholefoods when her eldest sons health needed extra support. Being in the kitchen and cooking is one of her happy places and she loves providing her family with tasty and nutritious home cooked meals. She is very excited to bring the “I Hate Cooking” service to Rockhampton.



Helena is a mum of three and understands the pressure of keeping up with meal prep from day to day. She loves making food that looks good and tastes great, while being healthy and nutritious as well. Her garden is not only her second happy place, but a great source of freshness right to the table. She is excited to bring meal assistance to your home and share the ‘food’ love..



Danille is a Mum of 2 children who has settled in Mackay after travelling around Australia with her husband and furry child. Danille has a passion for good food and cooking. She likes to know what goes in her food and enjoys cooking from scratch. She has recently been diagnosed with Coeliacs disease so she has an awareness for food intolerances and cooking practices. Danille is passionate about creating healthy food that tastes amazing, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, especially for those who feel overwhelmed by a limited diet, who are time poor, or simply hate cooking!



Helen is an avid foodie, in the consuming and in the creating. She believes food can be used as a wonderful medium to walk beside and bless people as they cross our paths.



Bron is a mum of 3 adult children. She worked for many years in the disability sector and has worked in the food industry for 8 years. She loves making healthy home made food from scratch for her friends and family.



Jharna is a chef by trade, but with her new role as mum to a beautiful little girl, she loves to take time out to create delicious meals away from the environment of a commercial kitchen. 

New South Wales


North Shore and North Sydney

Jane has lived on the Lower North shore for the last few years. She is a mum, wife and daughter to a fairly large group of humans.
Entertaining friends and family makes her happy, outside of cooking she have worked in the hospitality trade as well as working within a childcare environment.
I Hate Cooking, has opened another door for her to share her enthusiasm with others, by taking the stress and hassle out of your week and giving you back that extra few hours to spend time doing other things.


Wagga Wagga

More about Nicole coming soon.


Lake Macquarie

Kirsten is a mum of 8 (yes 8!) with 3 adult children and 5 younger ones down to a busy and adorable 3 year old! She loves to cook for my big family  including 4 grandchildren. She is skilled at catering to all sorts of diets and situations including vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and fussy kids! She loves saving people time and stress and seeing them enjoy real, home cooked meals. 



Meg is a mother and step mother to 4. She learnt how to plan & manage over the years, with so many family activities and commitments. It’s her privilege to now help others in return. Meg has always been passionate about healthy, nutritious food and cooking. She loves being able to cook from scratch the way her Grandparents cooked but with the use of modern lifesaving technology. Her mantra in life is to inspire, encourage and support whilst remaining completely authentic.



Whitney is a passionate cook and loves all things food. Cooking for others and teaching others to cook brings her joy. She is always playing with recipes to ensure they are flavourful and healthy. She is also experienced in modifying recipes to meet dietary needs such as, but not limited to, gluten free, dairy free and vegan. As a busy mum herself she know how valuable a freezer full of ready to eat meals and lunch box snacks can be. She looks forward to cooking for you or with you soon

Western Sydney


We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch.


Central Coast/ Lake Macquarie

Katrina has had a passion for cooking for a long time. This came from working in the hospitality industry in cafes and restaurants. She took a different career path and now wants to do something that she love to do and is happy doing. Her happy place is when she is cooking, whether baking a cake, making shortbread or baking a roast dinner. She looks forward to growing and sharing her cooking experiences and all that she knows.


Mt Annan/Camden

Bek is a working married mum to 3 hungry boys and has a passion for serving her family wholesome, home cooked food. She wants to be able to help others in her community to do the same.
Be it a gift voucher, a trial cook or a subscription – have Bek over to happily stock your freezer with meals you can have on the table in minutes!



Kirstie is a mum who “Gets things done!” She is a fantastic cook and has an incredible heart to serve. She is looking forward to cooking with you in our Cook Eat Repeat Program, as well as offering our cooking service.

East Sydney


We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch.

East Sydney


We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch.




Kerrie is a wife and mother to 2 busy teenagers. She has worked in many different areas of the food industry over the past 20 years. She loves cooking and sharing great food with family and friends. Kerrie is looking forward to offering the I Hate Cooking services to the Canberra community.



Dayna’s passion for cooking started at a very young age, just cooking cakes and muffins for her family. This passion grew very quickly and as a result, she decided to make it her career. She has completed her Cert III in commercial cookery, patisserie and cake decorating. Dayna also travelled to Italy and did her Masters of Italian cookery. She has worked on the coast, Adelaide, ACT, Italy and even Alaska. Dayna has now worked in the industry for 17 years but since having her beautiful baby boy, she had decided to teach and help others by combining it with her knowledge of cooking.

Could this be you?


We are looking for passionate cooks with a heart to serve. If you fit the bill then get in touch.




Gaye is passionate about cooking wholesome nutritious food. She has a wealth of experience as she’s cooked for her 4 children and now 5 grandchildren. She has also enjoyed working in a commercial kitchen for the last 14 years. Her other passion is gardening. Gaye has a wonderful vege patch with lots of fresh produce and is looking forward to sharing her love of cooking to contribute to the local community.



Anne has always loved to cook and eat great food. Her husband calls the kitchen her “happy place”.  She has 3 children, 4 step children and 3 grandchildren who are the loves of her life. Having an autoimmune disease and 3 children with epilepsy, she knows how important good nutrition and healthy meals are. She loves to cater for people with special needs and understands how important this is. Food brings people together, it creates joy and most of all, can nourishes our bodies for good health. Helping others eating wholesome nourishing foods is her passion. 

Could this be you?


We are looking for passionate cooks with a heart to serve. If you fit the bill then get in touch.



East Melbourne

A married mum with 2 small humans (6 & 2), Belinda has a passion for cooking and loves to cook delicious home cooked meals from scratch. After a yoga class on the weekend morning, cooking is her leisure time too She loves the fragrance of all the herbs and spices when frying, and the magic smell when you are baking a chocolate cake in the oven. She is excited to be able to bring her love of making good, tasty, nutritious food to support other families in her community.


West Gippsland

Emily is a one kid wifey to a man who loves food, so it’s a good thing she loves to cook, bake and create in the kitchen! She also works for a disability services agency as a kindergarten assistant and absolutely loves it – working with children and in the disability sector is so rewarding and special. But she needed something else to fill up more of her time – so now she does 2 things she loves!



More about Leanne coming soon.



Christiane has 2 older children and has worked for many years in the food sector. As well as cooking she loves a good book. Especially the recipe book kind.


Outer South Melbourne

Mana is the mother of 4 active adult/teenagers. She has been on a wellness journey for 12 years so health and nutrition is a passion. She loves to be able to cook from scratch knowing what is going into meals without nasties. Mana wants to be able to help others in bringing wholesome food into our community. #Elev8Yourself – lifting you up by inspiring,encouraging to better health and happinness.

Central Melbourne

Coming Soon

South Australia



Robyn is a busy Mum to 2 children. With over 10 years of food experience, she watches life gets busier and work expectations get greater each year. Seeing more and more take away “convenience” processed foods and speed eating amongst friends and colleagues, to the detriment of their health. Passionate about knowing what’s in our food and about food bringing the family together. Her mantra is ‘slow down, eat nourishing food and share what happened in your day today’.  Not everyone can slow down, but she looks forward to giving valuable time back to her clients so they can eat healthier nourishing food and spend time on the things that matter most. She’s excited to bring I Hate Cooking to Adelaide!


Western Adelaide

Erin is a wife, and mum to 2 boys who has always loved to cook for others. Erin has a professional background in Social Work specialising in supporting teenagers, young adults and their families through crisis, engaging education options and transition into independence. Erin is also a special needs parent and understands that life gets super complicated and very busy at times. Erin is passionate about reducing the stress load many carry and is excited to take the pressure off by filling your fridge with yummy and nutritious meals – leaving you time to enjoy the people and activities you love.


Western Adelaide

Nat is a wife and a mum to two busy kids! Coming from a corporate background, she found no time for her 1 year old and run of the mill household activities. She decided to start a party planning and catering business. She love to plan, cook, help people and make them happy. In 2018 she immigrated from South Africa to the land of milk and honey and had to sell her business! Her children have busy sports schedules and with no family support to help cart them about. She considered starting another business here and thought of going into people’s homes and cooking for them, but very quickly realised the law’s and regulations were so different from her home country and sadly put this on the back burner… then came across I HATE COOKING and first thought, what a catchy name and then thought, wait this is what she had been looking for! The kitchen is her happy place and feeding people makes her heart sing… She is regularly teased about cooking for an army – She’s excited to be on this journey!


North Eastern Adelaide

Linda has been a Mum for 19 years, and considers this role her greatest priority and most important life achievement. She is very familiar with the demands of managing a large family on a daily basis.
Linda has had an interest in cooking and creating in the kitchen since watching her Mum make scones for the 19 children who lived in their home.
In her early teens, Linda made pocket money selling cupcakes. (Her record was 12 dozen cupcakes in one day). 
Linda is passionate about helping individuals and families find ways to increase their health and wellbeing through the availability of nourishing home-made food. 


North Eastern Adelaide

Deb realised her food passion when she started working for an International cake manufacturing company in Brisbane 10 years ago. From there her love of all things “food” has grown, along with her cooking skills and being in the kitchen is her happy place. A self-confessed “preserving nut” Deb loves to create pickles, chutneys, jams and preserve all the goodness from the garden & farmers markets. She also makes her own cheese, yoghurts, butter, mayo and nut milks. With so much of todays food processed, Deb believes we need to get back to whole foods, build sustainable food sources and enjoy what nature intended us to. Her satisfaction in this area is driven by helping others in their gardens, exploring different tastes, textures and helping others move out of their everyday comfort zones by getting back to basics. She loves cooking for others, sharing tips, recipes and enjoys creating healthy affordable meals that pack in the flavour.



Port Lincoln

Having qualified as a cook after leaving school, Kathryn has worked in a variety of jobs and places over the years, including a tour cook around the NT & WA. Now a mum of 2 teenagers, she has a strong desire to be a contributor in her community, who has passion for wholesome and nutritious food. She has found helping busy mums feed their families, other time poor people and NDIS participants, I Hate Cooking the perfect outlet for her passions.


Port Lincoln

Karyn has cooked her way across a number of Australian states and now resides in beautiful Port Lincoln, SA. You’ll often find her volunteering somewhere in her community, sharing her love of cooking. Karyn’s passion for healthy, homemade, nutrient-dense food combined with her background in Educational Psychology create an exceptional foundation for our Cook, Eat, Repeat program. 
Karyn’s experience in providing delicious and nutritious catering for small and large groups means that she is the perfect person to engage for your next Full or Mini Cook. 
As Mum to four amazing humans (who keep her days full of activity and her soul full of joy and laughter), Karyn understands the importance of making opportunities to share good food together and the delicate balance required to invest your time wisely in those that you love. She is looking forward to meeting you soon!

Western Australia



Rockingham / Baldivis / Mandurah

Hannalie is an AMAZING baker and alongside her I Hate Cooking Business, she also runs a successful cake business. So if you are looking for delicious home made meals or a cake for a special occasion, Hannalie has the skills to help you out.



Fiona heard about I Hate Cooking and knew immediately that she wanted to be involved. She loves meeting new people and cooking for them and likewise, loves being part of a great team. She loves cooking and finds it a creative outlet. It’s theraputic, focusing on something outside of every day life. In the words of Fiona ” It brings me and my customers joy – I LOVE MY JOB.”



Jess is a busy mum of 2 kids and a highly experienced support worker in the disability sector. Starting out as an apprentice chef, Jess learnt the ropes of cooking in a fast paced and demanding environment. Once her kids came along, meeting their dietary needs and those of her friends, made her very allergy and intolerance aware. Now she cooks for others to ensure that they have the best food for their needs, without their situation getting in the way of a lovely meal. Food is her love language.


Perth North Metro

Kirsty is a busy Mum of 3 girls. She has over 25 years experience in the food industry and a passion to feed people! Food brings people together and she can’t wait to meet you to help you feed you and your family.



Stacey loved to cook from scratch from an early age. Since having 2 young children, she has discovered that her family has many food intolerances, so she has become savvy at substituting ingredients with what she has in the cupboard. She also enjoys bulk cooking as a form of relaxation, which might be considered crazy to some, but for her, following a recipe is calming. She can’t wait to share this passion and to create great healthy meals for other families.


Perth North Metro

Kerrie is a grandmother of 9 and passionate cook with over 45 years of experience feeding the family and a heart to serve.
With family members with various severe food allergies including Nuts and Coeliac, Kerrie is a fabulous new additional our team in the Northern suburbs of Perth.


South Perth

Laure is a Mum of 2 children. She loves to put healthy meals and treats on the table for her family everyday. Cooking and teaching how to cook relaxes her. She has always been around the kitchen since her childhood. Laure currently offers our Cook Eat Repeat program. Helping others and teaching how to cook is her passion as she is also a Teacher.


Bunbury & Busselton

Nga (with a silent G) is an accomplished cook, with a passion for plant based food. She can create a menu suitable for just about any way of eating from her repitoire of personal recipes. Nga does a couple of days a week in Bunbury but spends the balance of her time in beautiful Busselton.




Kirrilly is a ‘from scratch’ cook who grew up making meals from available ingredients, having lived half an hour from the nearest shop. Because of this she can substitute ingredients like a Boss! She has a keen interest in additives and their effect on the body, especially with 3 kids. She hates good food being wasted so is able to reinvent a meal or ingredient so nothing is left behind…unless the dog would love it.



Sally is a mum of two school aged kids and a self-confessed “procrast-a-baker” (meaning she loves to cook and will choose to do that over most other tasks!) We think that makes her the perfect candidate for our team.



Jody is a busy wife and mum of three boys who became interested in food and additives when her kids were little. She strives to give them the best nutrition possible. Jody love providing her family with yummy, nutritious home cooked meals and is happy to offer this as a service to others in her community in the beautiful town that she lives in.



Rox is practically famous in Grealdton. You already know how well she cooks. 



More about Lucie coming soon.

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