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Meet the team

Finding your tribe can be a challenge and when they are spread around the country it makes the journey even more challenging. We are really proud of what each of our team members brings to the table. Most importantly, each of them is selected because they have a heart to serve.


Bek Daley

Chief Recipe Tester / Founder

Bek is the brains behind I HATE COOKING. She has spent her whole life being prepared for this moment, and now she’s ready to share her expertise with the world. Bek is married to a culinary critic (in home cooking), so you know all of our recipes have been taste-tested and approved!



Amanda is a wife and mother of three school-aged children. She has always had a passion for cooking, and loves nothing more than preparing delicious meals for her family and friends. Amanda is originally from Wallumbilla (near Roma), and brings her country values and home style cooking to our team.


Brisbane/ Moreton

Vic loves nothing more than spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm. She is a mum to 2 gorgeous and busy boys, and her passion for cooking healthy and delicious whole food meals is evident in her flavour-rich curries. While she spent a long time preparing meals for our customers, she is now more likely to be found recipe testing or on the phone, as she heads up our accounts team in head office.



Renae is a married mum of two small humans. Her husband travels frequently, so she left the corporate world behind to create more work life balance. She has a passion for cooking and loves to cook delicious home cooked meals from scratch. Cooking is her happy place, and it’s much easier than yoga!



Steph is a country girl at heart. She developed a love for fresh, high-quality food. After staying home to raise her kids for 18 years, she decided to start blending her own spices so she could have complete control over the ingredients. Steph loves nothing more than cooking for her friends and family and seeing them enjoy her food. She’s witty and funny, and always up for a good time.


South Brisbane

Natalie has always loved cooking for others. It’s always been her happy place, and she takes a lot of joy in seeing people enjoy her food. She is a mum to two gorgeous boys, and she prioritises making healthy home-cooked meals for the family. Her partner is a food technologist who has taught her a lot over the years, and Nat also has a background in natural health. They are both passionate about teaching their boys about the benefits of healthy eating habits.


Moreton Region

Being a mum to two busy girls Adrienne understands just how time poor people can be. After spending her whole life in the hospitality and customer service industries, she is looking forward to helping her community regain precious time with loved ones and soothing them with delicious food.



Tanya is a vivacious mother of two adult sons who brings a burst of energy and enthusiasm wherever she goes. Known for her unwavering love for cooking, Tanya can often be found whipping up mouth-watering dishes in the kitchen, drawing inspiration from various cultures around the world. But her passions don’t stop there, as she also has an insatiable thirst for travel, always seeking new adventures to expand her horizons and embrace different ways of life. With a strong focus on health and fitness, Tanya sets an example of balance and self-care for those around her. And with a heart full of compassion and empathy, she constantly strives to help others in any way she can.


Redlands/Bayside/South Brisbane

Toni is a mum of 2 busy teenagers, who has always had a passion for food and cooking.  With a background in natural health she is driven to helping people enjoy wholesome and nutritious food, bursting with flavour without spending all day in the kitchen. Additive free cooking and using hubby’s home-grown produce and local produce are on Toni’s list of priorities.



Elle is an experienced, passionate and enthusiastic Professional Pastry Chef. With 15 years of expertise in a variety of roles including travelling cook, cooking school teacher and much more, she loves bringing fun, joy and confidence into the kitchen. She can’t wait to create those happy memories in the kitchen with you!


Gold Coast

Food has always been Carole’s thing – you could say her family are total foodies. Making hearty, comforting meals for her family, grandchild and friends is her favourite pastime. There’s nothing better than taking care of people by serving up some delicious goodness. Healthy meals including vegetarian and Italian are some of her favourite cuisines. Carole’s on a mission to help families bond more over meals, minus the stress of cooking. With her love for food and looking out for others, she’s your go-to for sorting out all things food in your home.


Hervey Bay

Emma is a mum of two active kids who loves sports and fitness. Growing up in a big family who celebrated by creating meals together, Emma has found cooking for her family and others brings so much joy. She loves doing a big batch cook over the weekend to make dinners easier during the week when rushing kids around. Having a partner who is a vegetarian gives Emma the challenge of trying new recipes and making the vegetable the star of the show.



Grace is a bubbly and fun cook, who has completed her Cert 2 and Cert 3 in Hospitality. She has been working as a carer in the disability sector for some time now, and loves nothing more than travelling around Brisbane to cook with her clients. Grace is always up for a good chat, and will have you laughing along in no time!


Logan / Northern Gold Coast

Dani is the mum of three beautiful kids. She works autonomously, which means she doesn’t need a lot of direction – her heart to serve means that she is always looking for ways to help out. Dani is an amazing cook, and loves to prepare meals for her family.



Mandy has always been passionate about food and entertaining. Mandy has over 20 years experience working in the Disability sector. Having a daughter with a disability participate in the COOK EAT REPEAT programme, she has seen the positive benefits and enhanced skillset that the programme can deliver. Learning to cook is a pathway to independence, it is a goal for most, and she loves to see people’s confidence grow with new skills and experiences. This is one of the reasons Mandy has decided to join the crew. She is funny, loves to travel, garden and cook of course! She is also a wife and mother of two adult daughters



Rachel is a mum to two adult children who are currently in and out of the family nest (mainly to enjoy her cooking). With a background in teaching and guidance counselling, she thrives on teamwork, building connections, and tackling challenges with a smile. Her culinary journey is a blend of English tradition passed down from her mother and grandmothers, flavours learned in the kitchens of her Japanese host mothers as a teenager, and a passion for creating delicious food that caters for various dietary needs, which stems from her own coeliac diagnosis. Rachel believes everyone should be able to enjoy the taste of great food and especially loves sharing her cooking with friends and family.


Northern Gold Coast

Katherine, a devoted mother to an active one-year-old daughter and a Poodle, embraces a passion for a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. She finds immense joy in crafting nutritious meals for her family, prioritizing their well-being. With a penchant for organization, Katherine excels in bringing order to her surroundings. In her free time, she indulges in the art of jewellery making and cherishes moments spent outdoors.


Gold Coast

Jenny is a busy mum of five kids. She loves to cook, and her happy place is in the kitchen creating meals that everyone likes – which is not always so easy! She has always loved cooking and has great memories cooking with her grandma and mum. She is excited to pass that on to her kids and to you as well.



Lis is originally from the UK, but after backpacking around Australia, she decided to call this great land home. She is mum to 3 adult children and one teenager, and also a home-educator and foster carer. Lis likes to live a preventative, healthy lifestyle and enjoys a diet from a diverse range of cuisine. She is looking forward to assisting clients in cooking nutritious and wholesome meals for themselves. Lis is a creative person with a big heart. She loves to help others, and is offering our services and COOK EAT REPEAT program in the Ipswich area.


South Brisbane

Flo is an amazing cook who loves nothing more than making her friends delicious home cooked meals. She has a passion for baking, having once worked in a cafe, and still bakes for local fund-raisers. Flo also dedicates time to her local community kitchen, where she spreads warmth and kindness with every meal. It’s no wonder that, whenever Flo is in the kitchen, she’s always cooking up something special!


Northern Gold Coast

Aimi loves to cook for people. She is an enthusiastic cook, but also a practical one. She has been exposed to many different flavours and tastes, as she was born in Japan and grew up in Malaysia. Aimi cooks from scratch and loves experimenting with different cuisines. Aimi has been working in the disability sector for a few years now. She enjoys helping others.


Tallebudgera Valley

Claire is a proud mother of a primary school aged child. After her daughter was diagnosed with anaphylaxis to a variety of foods, Claire embraced cooking as a creative outlet, turning it into her happy place. She loves taking traditional recipes and giving them a unique twist, making her dishes truly special. Claire loves whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen with her family.



Chantelle is a proud and loving mother of two wonderful kids, and she absolutely adores spending quality time with her family. She’s passionate about fostering creativity in her children, and so loves to cook together with them; creating special memories around the kitchen counter.


Gympie - Noosa - Nambour

Sara is a busy mum who knows the importance of healthy, home-cooked meals. That’s why she loves to cook, and can help you serve up delicious, nutritious dishes for you and your family. She understands that you don’t always have time to put a meal together yourself, so let her take care of it for you!



Lauren is a mum of two kids, and she understands the dietary requirements of different people. She’s always been interested in cooking, but found that what people needed was someone to do it for them – not an appliance. So she joined our business at the start, and loves providing healthy meals for people with specific dietary needs. Her business is a huge success, and she loves being able to help others eat well. You will also find Lauren assisting with the shopping needs around the country.



Margot is a mother to a beautiful young girl who has struggled with food intolerance her entire life. This has led Margot to find her love of cooking again, as she experiments with new recipes and food combinations to create meals that everyone can enjoy. Margot has always enjoyed cooking for friends and family, and she looks forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.



Michele is a woman who loves experimenting with food. She takes her time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and techniques. Her husband and son are both very supportive of her passion, and often enjoy her creations. Michele is also passionate about self care, and in particular skincare. If she does something, she wants to do it well – turning it into a full time job would be no problem for her! Michele is a compassionate person, who loves animals dearly. She is a master of garnish, her ideas often shared around the country.


Gold Coast

Sam is a busy mum of three. She has two beautiful older daughters and a soon-to-be teenage son. After many years in hospitality, she's excited to help the community and make delicious home cooked meals from scratch. Cooking beautiful meals makes her happy – she gets so much enjoyment cooking for family and friends and trying new dishes!



Monika finds her ultimate happiness in the kitchen, where she considers it her “Happy Place.” With a deep-rooted love for cooking since childhood, Monika’s European upbringing ingrained in her the notion that food is the heart of everything. For six years, she operated her own mobile food trailer as a weekend hobby, passionately serving delicious meals.. She eagerly looks forward to the opportunity to bring her culinary talents to your table, creating flavourful and memorable meals for you and your loved ones. 



Danille is a mum of 2 children who has settled in Mackay after travelling around Australia with her husband and furry child. She likes to know what goes into her food and enjoys cooking from scratch. She was diagnosed with Coeliacs, so she has developed an awareness for food intolerances and cooking practices. Danille is passionate about creating healthy food that tastes amazing – even for people without dietary restrictions!



Jess has always loved food. She enjoys taking care of others and cooking for them, providing them with hearty and nourishing meals. Jess wants to help families spend more time together, by taking a little bit of the burden off their plates. With her passion for food and looking after others, Jess is the perfect person to head up the food prep in your home.



Bron is a mum of 3 adult children. She worked for many years in the disability sector, and has been working in the food industry for 8 years. Bron loves making healthy home made food from scratch for her friends and family. Her food is not only delicious, but it’s also good for you!


North Brisbane

Susan’s family has been a source of passionate cooks her whole life. She started cooking as something fun to do with the girls when they were little, and now it is one of their favorite hobbies – especially since Susan learned how great food can make people feel! Her love language? Eating well definitely takes center stage at home so this was an obvious choice for what set her off into this career path.


Crew Onboarding

Kate is married and she has three amazing boys. Kate loves spending time in the kitchen, cooking up delicious meals for her family and recipe testing. She is our crew onboarder – if you’re interested in becoming a part of the crew, please follow the link below!


Brisbane South West

Aliesha is a busy mum to 2 young children. She likes to know what goes into her food, and loves cooking and baking from scratch. With multiple food allergies in her house, she likes tweaking and trying new recipes. Aliesha believes that no one should have to miss out on good food! She also enjoys tending to her veggie garden, even though she doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs.




From a young age, Bernadette has been wielding her spatula and creating mouth-watering dishes with effortless ease. Her passion for cooking knows no bounds and has led her on a journey of exploration into the world of nutrition. Bernadette’s true motivation lies in the sheer joy that cooking brings to her and those around her. Every dish she creates is a symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas that tantalize all senses. To her, cooking is not just an art but also a love language – one that she uses to fill the hearts and bellies of her loved ones with each lovingly prepared meal.



Lisa is a Mum of two beautiful girls and loves cooking good food from scratch for her family. She is also a Thermomix Consultant and is passionate about cooking nutritious food free from additives and preservatives. She is great at being able to alter recipes depending on dietary requirements. Lisa is a busy Mum who knows how important it is to have a freezer full of healthy meals and lunchbox snacks ready to eat. If your dream is to have a fridge stocked with home-cooked meals for the week ahead, or would like to develop your cooking skills, Lisa is here to help you make it happen!



Whitney is a passionate cook who loves all things food. She takes great joy in cooking for others and teaching them to cook. Her recipes are always flavourful and healthy, and she’s experienced in modifying recipes to meet dietary needs. Whitney is a busy mum who knows the importance of having a freezer full of ready-to-eat meals and lunch box snacks. She loves to cook, and looks forward to cooking for you or with you soon!


Southern Sydney

Hayley is a qualified nutritionist, chef and mum of three boys. She knows all about food intolerances and allergies and is passionate about providing healthy and wholefood options for everyone. The kitchen is Hayley’s happy place – she loves nothing more than turning your kitchen into a happy place too!



Di is a happy wife and mum of 3. She’s always loved cooking, and has taught herself how to make delicious food that she loves to share with her family and friends. Di is passionate about making people happy through great food!


Upper North Shore Sydney

Michelle is a passionate home cook who loves trying new recipes and bringing people together over a meal. Her greatest pleasure is to see others enjoying her cooking and coming back for more. She volunteers feeding the needy at a local church, and finds fulfilment in being an active member of the community and experimenting with food from diverse cultural backgrounds

Could this be you?

Eastern Sydney

We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch. 


Hunter Valley

Ali has a special knack for creating scrumptious and nourishing meals with minimal fuss. As the proud mum of two active young children, she’s an expert at whipping up tasty dishes that don’t require hours of cooking. Ali has discovered the key to making fantastically delicious meals quickly and easily.



Kirstie is a mum who knows how to get things done! She’s an incredible cook, and has a heart to serve others. Kirstie is excited to help you learn how to cook in our Cook Eat Repeat Program, as well as providing cooking services for your family.


Inner Western Sydney

Fallon discovered her passion for cooking at a young age, unintentionally transforming it into a lifelong career. However, her true joy lies in gathering people around the table for a meal. Through her travels, she has explored how food brings cultures together. With a focus on nutritious and healthy meals, Fallon understands the healing power of food due to her own health experiences. She has gained knowledge about nutrition and specialty diets along the way, using food as medicine. Join Fallon on a culinary journey that celebrates the flavours, cultural diversity, and nourishment food provides.



Cooking has always been a passion of Nats, and she loves nothing more than cooking with her family. She started cooking with her Nanna when she was just a child, and the experience left a lasting impression on her. Even to this day, she enjoys cooking with her own children in the kitchen – adapting and altering recipes to suit their different needs and tastes in food. Her greatest challenge yet has been raising children who have disabilities, but through it all she has learnt much about herself and gained invaluable experience.

Could this be you?

Western Sydney

We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch. 


South West Sydney

Loreta loves to cook! As a matter of fact, she lives to cook. Her passion started as a young girl, when she and her family had access to so many beautiful, fresh ingredients. Homegrown vegetables, freshly picked mushrooms and berries from the forest, and fresh milk to make their own butter and cheese. They pickled everything for the winter, and hand-made their own bread, cakes, desserts and jams. As the oldest sibling, it was often her responsibility to put dinner on the table when her parents were busy working late. So she gained invaluable experience and knowledge from a young age. Nothing makes Loreta happier than seeing people enjoying her cooking. It’s a gift she has been blessed with, and one that she loves to share with her family and friends.




Dayna has always been passionate about cooking. She started baking cakes and muffins for her family when she was just a child, and her love for cooking quickly grew from there. So much so, in fact, that she decided to make it her career! She completed her Cert III in commercial cookery, patisserie and cake decorating, and then travelled to Italy to do her Masters of Italian cookery. Dayna has worked in some amazing kitchens over the years – on the coast, in Adelaide, Italy and Alaska. Her passion for food is evident in everything she does, and she loves nothing more than seeing people enjoy her creations. Her wit and sense of humour make her a joy to work with.

Could this be you?


We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch.




Anne has always loved to cook and eat great food. Her husband calls the kitchen her “happy place”. She has three children, four step children, and three grandchildren who are the loves of her life. Having an autoimmune disease and three children with epilepsy, Anne knows how important good nutrition and healthy meals are. She loves to cater for people with special needs and understands how important this is. Anne is witty and charming, and always puts others first. Food brings people together. It creates joy and most of all, can nourishes our bodies for good health. Helping others to eat wholesome nourishing foods is Anne’s passion. She loves nothing more than seeing someone enjoy a good meal that she has helped to create.



Elsa is an experienced and passionate teacher with over 25 years of experience in primary schools. Her vision to provide the skills, knowledge, and independence of healthy meal-preparation within a budget has been a driving force throughout her career. Her ambition doesn’t stop at the classroom; she is also a talented baker and cook who loves treating family and friends to delicious home-baked breads, doughs, preserves, and whatever else she can get her hands on! Not only that, but Elsa also finds joy in growing her own produce which she turns into delectable dishes for all to enjoy.

Could this be you?


We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch.





Robyn has always been passionate about food. She loves nothing more than experimenting in the kitchen, creating delicious and nutritious meals for her family. Over the years, she’s seen first-hand how busy life can get, and the negative impact that convenience processed foods and speed eating can have on people’s health. She is determined to help change this trend, and make healthy eating easy and convenient for everyone. Robyn is passionate about knowing what’s in our food and bringing the family together around the dinner table. Her mantra is “slow down, eat nourishing food and share what happened in your day today.” She knows that not everyone can slow down, but she looks forward to giving valuable time back to her clients so they can eat healthier nourishing food and spend time on the things that matter most.



Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu

Bec is an enthusiastic home-cook with a passion for creating delicious, real food from fresh ingredients. Armed with her Home Economics knowledge, she loves to search out and experiment with new recipes, while still serving up some family favourites every now and then. Not stopping at the kitchen, Bec delights in getting her hands dirty gardening and collecting eggs from her chickens. She loves seeing people indulge in the tasty dishes she puts together – making each one better than the last!


Western Adelaide

Erin is a wife and mum to two boys. She’s always loved to cook for others, and has a professional background in Social Work. Specialising in supporting teenagers, young adults and their families through crisis, engaging education options and transition into independence, Erin understands that life can get super complicated and very busy at times. Erin is all about reducing the stress load carried by many. She’s excited to take the pressure off by filling your fridge with yummy and nutritious meals – leaving you time to enjoy the people and activities you love.


Western Adelaide

Nat is a wife and a mum to two busy kids. She comes from a corporate background, but found no time for her 1 year old and run of the mill household activities. So she started a party planning and catering business. She loved to plan, cook, help people and make them happy. In 2018 she immigrated from South Africa to the land of milk and honey, but had to sell her business! Her children have busy sports schedules and with no family support to help cart them about, she considered starting another business here. She thought of going into people’s homes and cooking for them, but very quickly realised the law’s and regulations were so different from her home country. Sadly, she put this on the back burner… then came across I HATE COOKING. Wait this is what she had been looking for! The kitchen is where she feels at home – it’s her happy place. There’s nothing that makes her heart sing more than feeding people and seeing them enjoy her cooking. She’s often teased about cooking for an army, but she doesn’t mind – she’s excited to be on this journey!


North Eastern Adelaide

mLinda has been a mum for 19 years, and considers this role her greatest priority and most important life achievement. She is very familiar with the demands of managing a large family on a daily basis. Linda’s interest in cooking and creating in the kitchen began at an early age. Watching her mum make scones for the 19 children who lived in their home ignited a passion within Linda to be creative in the kitchen. She loves experimenting with new recipes, and is always looking for ways to make meal time more enjoyable for her family. Linda was a young girl when she started making and selling cupcakes. She loved the sense of accomplishment it gave her to see people enjoying her treats. This early experience taught Linda a lot about helping others increase their health and wellbeing.


North Adelaide

Dianne has been cooking and loving it for as long as she can remember. Her kitchen really is her happy place. She enjoys producing meals and seeing people’s enjoyment of her efforts when they are eating her food. Dianne also loves sharing culinary skills and knowledge with people, and she has enjoyed catering gatherings of their large family over the years. One of her greatest joys as a grandmother is being able to teach the grandchildren to cook, and they all enjoy some of the cooking traditions that they have created together. Having a family member with an intellectual disability and another with dementia has allowed Dianne to appreciate the difference that some help in the kitchen can make.


Port Lincoln

Having qualified as a cook after leaving school, Kathryn has worked in a variety of jobs and places over the years, including a tour cook around the NT & WA. Now a mum of 2 teenagers, she has a strong desire to be a contributor in her community, who has passion for wholesome and nutritious food. She has found helping busy mums feed their families, other time poor people and NDIS participants, I Hate Cooking the perfect outlet for her passions.



Michelle is a firm believer that food tastes better when cooked from the heart. After a long career in banking Michelle became a commercial cook at the age of 45 and has not looked back. Her favourite places in the world are her kitchen and the local library where she borrows cookbooks by the dozen every week to further her food knowledge. Michelle constantly tries to advance her skills to become the best cook she can be. If she ever went on Mastermind, her special subject would be cake because cake is life.


Port Lincoln

Kirrilee is a wife and mother of two who, for many years, has been a junior school teacher. Kirrilee and her family also own and run a Lavender Farm. Cooking has always been a passion of hers – she predominantly cooks for her family as well as running canteens and kitchens for local sporting clubs. Kirrilee also volunteers in her local Fred’s Van which provides a meal once per week to those in need. She loves spending time outdoors camping and hiking with her children. Kirrilee looks forward to serving clients and making their lives easier.


Port Lincoln

Karyn is a passionate cook who loves to share her knowledge and skills with others. She has cooked her way across a number of Australian states, and now resides in beautiful Port Lincoln, SA. Karyn is heavily involved in her community, and enjoys volunteering wherever she can. Her love of healthy, homemade food – coupled with her background in Educational Psychology – make her an excellent fit for our Cook, Eat, Repeat program. Karyn has always had a passion for cooking. After years of catering for small and large groups, she has developed a reputation for providing delicious and nutritious food. Her experience means that she is the perfect person to engage for your next Full or Mini Cook. Karyn is a Mum to four amazing humans. Between school, sports, and all of the other activities that keep her days full, she understands the importance of making opportunities to share good food together. She also knows that it’s essential to invest your time wisely in those you love – and she can’t wait to meet you soon!



From growing up as a farm kid to becoming a nurse, to traveling Europe and journeying into motherhood, Anika has always loved the ability to meet new people, care for others and enjoy good food. Cooking from scratch is a passion and she certainly doesn’t find it a chore. In fact, it makes her thrive even more and her heart is happy when she knows other people can enjoy real food that truly nourishes them. If there’s a way to make life easier, Anika embraces it and is all for the concept of “smarter, not harder!” 




Alexandra is a small town country girl. Growing up in a bustling household filled with siblings, she learned the value of family and the importance of creating delicious homemade meals to bring everyone together. When she’s not whipping up delectable dishes in the kitchen, you can find Alexandra spending quality time with those closest to her.


Outer East Melbourne

Shantell has been a single Mum for almost 30 years now, and she’s the proud mother of four amazing kids. Cooking wholesome and nutritious meals was always her top priority, in order to avoid having to rely on takeaways and fast food. She loves to cook, mostly for others. She takes great joy in catering for the dietary needs and allergies of her guests. The kitchen is her happy place (well, second only to the bar), and helping others feeds her soul. Shantell is teased by her friends and neighbours for always cooking up a storm, but she doesn’t mind. These days, Shantell loves nothing more than spending time with her 4 gorgeous grandchildren. She’s witty, sassy, and full of life – and she wouldn’t have it any other way! she’s excited to come cook for/with you!


Central Melbourne

Jackie is an experienced and passionate cook who has spent a long career in the aviation industry. Now, she is focusing her efforts on crafting delicious, nutritious meals for her family of four. She draws inspiration from her mother, who operated multiple restaurants in her younger days. Jackie’s enthusiasm for creating magical dishes knows no bounds, so if you’re looking for something special to tantalize your taste buds come check out what this culinary whiz is cooking up in the West!


North East Melbourne

Heather is a wife and mother with a passion for creating delicious meals and snacks for her loved ones. Her love for cooking has been apparent since childhood, and she has always taken delight in whipping up tasty treats for family and friends.



Sharon is the ultimate foodie with a passion for all things baking and cooking. Her specialty lies in creating delicious treats that are both gluten and dairy-free, and she has a special love for vegan dishes as well. With a family of six, including two teenagers and one with a disability, Sharon is no stranger to juggling responsibilities while still indulging in her culinary hobbies. When she’s not in the kitchen whipping up a storm, you can find her at the beach or spending quality time with her family and two fur babies.


West Gippsland

Emily is a one kid wifey to a man who loves food, so it’s a good thing she loves to cook, bake and create in the kitchen! She loves working with children and in the disability sector; it is so rewarding and special. But she needed something else to fill up more of her time – so now she does 2 things she loves – cooking with people and being a mum. Emily is always on the go, but finds time to make delicious food for those she loves. She’s witty, charming and fun – everything you want in a friend (and cook!).


North East Melbourne

Jackie is Mum to two teenagers. She has a large extended family who all love to cook and share food. Catering for food intolerances, allergies and special dietary requirements is her speciality. Jackie has always been passionate about cooking for others and sharing love through food. Jackie is passionate about fresh, real ingredients. That’s why she loves tending her own vegetable garden at home. Cooking is a joy for her, and she likes to experiment with new recipes. She also enjoys animals, walking in nature, a good crime drama and live theatre.



Helen is a mum to four children, so she knows all about the franticness of everyday life and pressures of fitting everything in to a busy day. She has always had a love for cooking, which was nurtured by her mum, who also loves to cook. Creating delicious meals, desserts and birthday cakes for special occasions for family and friends has always been a joyful experience for Helen. She likes nothing more than seeing the look of delight on people’s faces when they tuck into one of her culinary creations.


South East Melbourne

Joya is a talented and passionate baker with an undeniable knack for creating delicious treats. From baking holiday classics for family celebrations to teaching children the joys of cooking, Joya has been building up her skills in the culinary world since her teenage years. Her enthusiasm and skill make Joya a well-rounded cook who can always be relied on for delicious delights.


Strath Creek

Wendy is an incredible cook and baker who has been passionate about food since she entered a cake competition at the age of 8. She loves to create delicious, wholesome meals that put smiles on her family’s and friends’ faces. As a trained pastry cook, Wendy embraces both sweet and savory treats with enthusiasm and skill. She not only loves cooking but also enjoys curling up with a book, renovating and being creative. With her keen eye for aesthetics, Wendy feels that food unites us all in a way that brings joy through its aroma, freshness and simplicity.



Debbi loves spending time in the kitchen, cooking up a storm for her friends and family. She has a background in special education, and has 12 years experience working with BayCiss – a community organisation that helps people in need. Debbi takes great satisfaction from meeting and helping people get through difficult situations. Her infectious love of cooking would be the perfect thing to share with your family!


South East Melbourne

Luke is a family man with a passion for cooking. He has been in the food industry for 30 years, working in both commercial kitchens and large-scale manufacturing businesses. Luke is now ready to give back to his community and share his knowledge and experience. He also enjoys coaching basketball, teaching and mentoring young athletes, and watching them apply their skills.



Jenny is a TMX Consultant and Catering Specialist. She loves nothing more than entertaining guests and sharing her cooking skills with them. She has a real passion for food, and takes great pride in her work. Jenny always goes the extra mile to make sure that her clients are happy and satisfied with their experience.


South East Melbourne

Nancy is a mum of three kids, and her love for cooking has blossomed since she got her Thermomix. She enjoys cooking from scratch, trying out new recipes, and believes that everyone deserves home-cooked meals that are healthy and nutritious. Cooking is Nancy’s passion, and she is excited to start giving back to her community by providing healthy and nutritious meals.


North East Melbourne

Sara is a Mum to three cheeky, cheerful, energetic boys. These little lovers of Lego are also very vocal food critics. They definitely keep Sara on her toes. Although she loves a fancy five-star feast, you’ll usually find her in the kitchen creating simple, healthy, delicious dishes packed full of whole food goodness. 



Belinda is a passionate and creative mum of two, whose love for the outdoors and helping others shines through. Growing up on a farm, she developed her love of baking bread as well as gardening and kayaking. Nowadays, Belinda uses her knowledge to assist others in growing their own food and whipping up delicious batch-cooking recipes. She loves nothing more than seeing the impact that these practices have on families, making their days easier and more enjoyable from start to finish.


Greater Bendigo

Kylie loves experimenting with new recipes and cooking delicious home cooked meals that make you feel good!  She is a mum of 2 creative and food-loving kids as well as a passionate Early Childhood Teacher. Kylie can’t wait to meet you and serve you yummy meals that will bring joy and happiness to your life!  


Lismore & Western Plains

Nicole is devoted to creating happy, healthy, worry-free mealtime environments for individuals and families. She understands that it can be difficult to connect with each other when everyone is busy or stressed. Nicole wants to enable you to come home relaxed and calm so that you can avoid looking into the fridge exhausted!


South East Melbourne

Michelle has always loved cooking. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get from creating a delicious, home-cooked meal that everyone enjoys. Her friends and family have always been her test subjects, and she’s never met a recipe she didn’t like to try out. Now as a busy mum of one small human, Michelle is looking to apply her skills and make eating healthy, tasty meals easily accessible for everyone. When she has downtime, Michelle can often be found reading recipes looking for inspiration and new things to try. She’s excited to share her knowledge and help others create amazing meals they’ll love.


South East Melbourne

With a flair for culinary creativity and an unwavering love for her family, Julie could often be found concocting mouth-watering dishes in her kitchen. Now that her children have flown the nest, she misses cooking for a big crowd and filling their stomachs with hearty meals and warm memories. Julie still finds joy in creating delicious feasts for her husband and experimenting with new recipes. When she’s not in the kitchen, Julie can be found surrounded by skeins of yarn, bringing her imaginative crochet and sewing projects to life.



Kathy is an experienced professional in the aged care and customer service sectors, who loves creating things with food, fabric, yarn or rope to unwind. She loves bringing her family together for lively gatherings, delighting them with delicious homemade dishes that she whips up from scratch. With a soft spot for making life easier for those around her, Kathy looks forward to cooking up a storm every time you need a helping hand.


South East Melbourne

Lisa is a wife and busy Mum of three children, including two teenagers. She loves cooking for her family and friends, and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Lisa knows the importance of home-cooked meals and is always preparing food for the family. She takes great joy in serving others and being able to cook meals for those in need.


South East Melbourne

Jess is an adoring mum of two, with a sincere appreciation for how food can bring people together. An enthusiastic home cook who loves to demonstrate the joys of creating delicious and nourishing meals from fresh ingredients, Jess always welcomes an opportunity to chat and have a laugh – typically over a meal!


Port Melbourne

Lisa has been cooking meals for her family for over 20 years now, and she has always enjoyed it. She loves trying out new recipes on her family, as well as seeking out new and interesting cafes and restaurants in and around Melbourne. In addition to looking after her children, Lisa has worked as a psychologist for the last 25 years.



Geraldine is a thermomix consultant with more than 8 years of experience. She is passionate about cooking nutritious food, as she has seen firsthand how good nutrition can change lives. Geraldine loves experimenting with different cuisines and the thermomix makes it easy for her to do that. She is also a forester by training and after a hiatus while bringing 2 beautiful girls into the world, she is preparing to go back to the world of conservation and environment. Geraldine has also studied permaculture and is trying to make her garden into a food forest.



Hayley is a devoted wife and mother of two boys, and an additional stepson. Her passion for cooking stems from her constant drive to satisfy their appetites. She enjoys pushing her culinary boundaries to create beautiful meals for her family. Hayley finds fulfillment in serving others, both in her community and through her work. Bringing smiles to people through food is a highlight of her life.



Meet Simone, a devoted mother of two energetic boys whose passion for nourishing her family extends far beyond the kitchen. With a firm belief that ‘health is the modern-day wealth,’ she channels her culinary creativity into crafting wholesome meals from scratch. Every dish she prepares is infused with love and care, ensuring that her family’s plates are not only filled with delicious flavours but also packed with nutritional goodness. Beyond her own kitchen, Simone finds immense joy in sharing her culinary creations with others, delighting in the smiles and satisfaction that come from seeing loved ones enjoy her food.

Western Australia



Rockingham / Baldivis / Mandurah

Hannalie is an amazing baker. She has a successful cake business, which she runs along side her I Hate Cooking business. Her home made meals are delicious. Hannalie is always looking to help people out, so if you need a cake for a special occasion or some delicious home cooked food, she’s your go-to gal!




Mel is a mum of three. She loves nothing more than stitching up gorgeous clothes and helping others out with their Thermomix products. For fun, she loves to hit the lake with some water skiing and when that’s done, you’ll always find her cooking up a storm, no matter where she is. With healthy meals at the top of her priority list, it’s no surprise that Mel always strives to provide nutritious fare to all who cross her path.




Fi is a mum of three, including a set of twins! She loves to cook and has been a Thermomix Consultant for over six years now. She has a real passion for creating delicious dishes and has been following the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle for the past five years. Her creative flair in the kitchen shines through her dishes with every bite, which always leaves her family asking for more. Fi truly knows how to turn something simple into something spectacular!



Fiona is a whiz in the kitchen. She discovered her love for cooking when she heard about I Hate Cooking and knew that she wanted to be involved. Meeting new people and cooking for them is one of Fiona’s favourite things to do, and she loves being part of a great team. Cooking is therapeutic for her – it’s a creative outlet that allows her to focus on something outside of everyday life. In the words of Fiona herself, “It brings me and my customers joy – I LOVE MY JOB.”



Jess is a busy mum of 2 kids and a highly experienced support worker in the disability sector. She started out as an apprentice chef, learning the ropes of cooking in a fast paced and demanding environment. Once her kids came along, meeting their dietary needs and those of her friends, made her very allergy and intolerance aware. Now she cooks for others to ensure that they have the best food for them – Jess knows how to make food delicious for everyone. Food is her love language.



Northern Mandurah

Fleur is a solo parent to three amazing boys. They are her biggest motivation and inspiration in life. One of her passions is helping families. She believes that strong and happy families are the foundation of a thriving society. Health and nutrition are also areas that she is deeply passionate about. She strongly believes in the importance of taking care of our bodies and nourishing them with the right foods. Fleur can often be found at the beach with her pug, enjoying the beauty of nature and the calming sound of the waves. She also loves staying active and attending a boxing gym.



Stacey has always loved to cook from scratch. In fact, she started cooking at a young age and never looked back. However, since having 2 young children, she has discovered that her family members have many food intolerances. This has forced her to become savvy at substituting ingredients with what she has in the cupboard. She also enjoys bulk cooking as a form of relaxation – which might be considered crazy to some people, but for her, following a recipe is calming. Stacey is excited to share her passion for cooking with others. She loves creating healthy, delicious meals for her family and friends.


Perth North Metro

Kerrie is a grandmother of nine, and she has been cooking for her family for over forty-five years. She is passionate about good food, and she loves to serve others. Kerrie has a heart for those who have food allergies, as her family includes members with various severe food allergies, including nuts and coeliac disease. She is a fabulous addition to our team in the Northern suburbs of Perth!



Nicki is a mum of 2 highschoolers, 2 adopted dogs and 3 cats. She comes from a family of great cooks and is passionate about feeding people. Nicki loves spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and cooking for her friends and family. She’s always had a passion for food, and she’s grateful that she can share her love of cooking with her kids and yours!


Perth North

Robyn is a wife and mother of three daughters and one son-in-law. She has been catering for small to large crowds, family and friends for many years, including a remote cattle station in the Pilbara of WA. Robyn is in her element in the kitchen and passionate about cooking meals that satisfy all levels of needs and tastes. 


Perth South

Bruce is a man of many talents. After spending many years in the automotive industry working with heavy mining equipment, he retired and is now looking for something to fill his time. What better way than cooking! Bruce is a single parent with two boys who still live at home – they won’t leave because they get fed too well! Cooking is one of Bruce’s passions, and he regularly cooks for a group call Life plus You (a service for children and adults with special needs). Last open day, Bruce made soft serve ice-cream for all attendees – three different flavors! It went very well, with no leftovers.



Kirrilly is a whiz in the kitchen – she can make a meal out of anything! Growing up, she lived half an hour from the nearest shop, so she learned to substitute ingredients and make dishes from scratch. She’s also interested in additives and their effect on the body, especially since she has 3 kids. Kirrilly hates wasting good food, so she’s able to reinvent a dish or ingredient if necessary. Nothing goes to waste when Kirrilly is around!


Perth South

Karen has two kids and a husband and she loves cooking dearly. She has always had a passion for cooking, which she inherited from her Grandma who always had something delicious to eat whenever they visited or stayed over. Karen mainly loves baking sweet treats, although since maintaining a mainly LCHF lifestyle she doesn’t make them much anymore. She is good at adapting recipes to suit dietary requirements and substituting ingredients.



Rox is practically famous in Geraldton. She is known for her amazing cooking skills, and people often come from far and wide to taste her delicious food. Rox loves spending time in the kitchen, and she takes great pride in creating culinary masterpieces. She is a talented chef, and her dishes are always sure to please.


Perth Central

Lucy has always loved to make people happy. Whether it’s through her cooking or by helping them learn a new skill, she wants everyone to feel good about themselves. Her passion is making people feel comfortable in the kitchen, and she loves nothing more than seeing someone achieve their goals through COOK EAT REPEAT. Her love of cooking shines through in everything she does.


Perth North

Jess is happiest when she’s in the kitchen. She loves creating and testing recipes, experimenting with different ingredients and exploring the flavours of the world. Jess is a true foodie, and her passion for cooking is evident in every dish she prepares.




Corinne is a happy wife and mum of three children. After leaving her job as a primary school teacher, she now devotes all her time to her family. Corinne loves to cook, bake and share her delicious creations with others. She enjoys the challenge of creating healthy, from-scratch meals and experimenting with new recipes. Whether you dream of having a fridge stocked with home-cooked meals for the week ahead, or want to develop your cooking skills, Corinne is here to help you see it happen!

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