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Meet the team

Finding your tribe can be a challenge and when they are spread around the country it makes the journey even more challenging. We are really proud of what each of our team members brings to the table. Most importantly, each of them is selected because they have a heart to serve.


Bek Daley

Chief Recipe Tester / Founder

Meet our Founder. Bek is a mum of 2 girls and has spent her whole life being prepared to bring this to you. She is married to a culinary critic (in home cooking) and if it makes it onto the menu it has been OK’ed by him.



Amanda is married with 3 school aged children. She has always had a passion for cooking for family and friends.  Amanda is originally from Wallumbilla (near Roma) and brings her country values and home style cooking to our team.


Brisbane/ Moreton

Vic is a Mum to 2 gorgeous and busy boys, growing up in a family of passionate cooks and restauranteurs cemented her love of cooking  healthy and delicious whole food meals, particularly evident in her flavour rich curries. She is looking forward to sharing the gift of great food with others.



Linell is a mum of 2 young active boys and knows how important it is for a busy family to have hearty and healthy home cooked meals. Linell taught herself to cook 12 years ago and has loved it ever since! She definitely lives by the philosophy that food makes people happy


Brisbane West

Andrea is married and a loving mum to two sporty little boys! She has a passion for home cooking and loves serving up delicious and nutritious food for family and friends. One of her son’s has allergies so she is used to substituting ingredients to suit dietary requirements or personal preferences.


North Brisbane/Kingaroy

Liz is Mum to 2 children, one of each, aged 22 and 17.  Liz believes in the philosophy food is love”.  Having specialised in cooking delicious, home made, comfort food for many years, Liz is thrilled to share her passion and joy for cooking with people in the community. She works in 2 different communities so reach out when she is local to you.


Moreton Region

Being a Mum to two busy girls from the North of Brisbane, I understand just how time poor people can be. After spending my whole life in the hospitality and customer service industries and with a passion for home cooking, I am looking forward to helping my community regain precious time with loved ones and soothing them with delicious food.


Redlands/Bayside/South Brisbane

More about Toni coming soon.


Logan / Northern Gold Coast

Dani is a mum of 3 beautiful kids. She has a heart to serve, which is one of the prerequisites to cook for us.


Gold Coast

For Andrea, food is an important ‘connector’…to family and community.
Home-cooked food, prepared with care, is such an important part of good
health, physically and mentally. She has been passionate about providing
healthy, nutritious, and most importantly, great tasting meals for her
family, catering to specific needs such as food and sensory sensitivities
and elite athlete development, as her two boys grew from sporty children
into thriving young adults. Andrea is excited to be able to bring her love
of making good, tasty, nutritious food to support other families and
individuals in the Gold Coast community.  



Kerry is Mum of 1 and has a background in hospitality. Cooking is her passion (yes this amazing lady even makes her own cheese).  She loves her chickens and cooking with fresh eggs.  Kerry loves showing love to others through her food! 



Jacinta is an extremely busy mum of 4 small children. She loves to cook for them and is constantly working with recipes to cater to the intolerances in her family. She’s really excited to bring I Hate Cooking to the Ipswich community

Cathy - Coming Soon



Sunshine Coast and Gympie

Karen has 4 sporty children who love to eat 24/7. Two of her children have food issues which developed Karen’s passion for cooking without additives. She knows what it’s like to work full time with a big, hungry family, where being prepared is the key to not only eating healthier, but saving dollars on takeaway. She’s excited to be bring I Hate Cooking to Noosa, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast.


Sunshine Coast / Nambour

Emmie is a Sunny Coast mum of 2 amazing little men and has a FIFO husband. Emmie found her passion for cooking during school, when she enrolled in a hospitality certificate. From then on she has been cooking up a storm. She loves making cooking fun and most importantly, sharing food. Knowing how busy life can be, Emmie is offering you a helping hand in the kitchen. 



Jenn is a passionate chef with 19 years hospitality experience currently studying a Bachelors degree in Nutrition. She loves incorporating local produce from the Bundaberg region and her garden into her cooking. She hopes to help more people enjoy home cooked meals that taste delicious and are nutritious. She is excited to join I Hate Cooking in Bundaberg and the surrounds as wells as offer I Hate Cooking to Gladstone, Tannum Sands and Boyne Island.



Lauren is married and the mum of 2 kids. She has been working in the food industry for many years. She has a passion for whole foods and cooking what she grows. She is also a recipe tester for Jo Whitton of Quirky fame.



Vanessa has 4 children and has always enjoyed cooking. She became passionate about wholefoods when her eldest sons health needed extra support. Being in the kitchen and cooking is one of her happy places and she loves providing her family with tasty and nutritious home cooked meals. She is very excited to bring the “I Hate Cooking” service to Rockhampton.




Kate is married and is the proud mum of two young boys. Her passion for cooking stems from the desire to feed her family fresh, tasty and nutritious home cooked meals.




 Danille (pronounced Dan-eel) is a Mum of 2 children who has settled in Mackay after travelling around Australia with her husband and furry child.

She has a passion for good food and cooking. She likes to know what goes into her food and enjoys cooking from scratch. 🥦 She’s recently been diagnosed with Coeliacs disease, giving her an awareness for food intolerances and cooking practices. She is a perfect fit for I Hate Cooking.

Danille is passionate about creating healthy food that tastes amazing, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, especially for those who feel overwhelmed by a limited diet, who are time poor, or simply hate cooking!



Bron is a mum of 3 adult children. She worked for many years in the disability sector and has worked in the food industry for 8 years. She loves making healthy home made food from scratch for her friends and family.


Mareeba and Surrounds

Tammie is a small town girl with a big heart. If there’s one thing she loves to do it’s helping others through her love of food and cooking. Being a Busy mum of 4 girls and a FIFO husband she knows what it takes to get wholesome and nutritious food on the table and is passionate about helping others achieve this. She can’t wait to help you in the kitchen!! What are you waiting for?



Brook is a bubbly mum of 2 kids who loves to cook healthy, delicious food for her family and friends. She’s passionate about the power of wholefoods for healing and increasing wellbeing, and loves to make delicious foods catering to different dietary requirements and intolerances. She loves to meet new people and is passionate about helping others through cooking and teaching.



Claire is married with a young son. Being a self taught cook form a young age, the kitchen is her happy place. She is passionate about food and nutrition. Claire loves to help educate people about healthy eating choices and as a qualified Health Coach, is really excited to help make busy people’s lives easier by cooking them delicious, healthy food.



Hi my name is Jess & I love cooking! I come from a European back ground of Maltese & Italian and I have a passion for food & cooking and I can’t wait to make peoples lives easier by coming into your home to cook you meals ready to go!!

New South Wales



Freya is a Mum of four in their late teens and early twenties. She’s always loved cooking and sharing her love of cooking with family. Freya worked as a Police officer for 15 yrs. Her role is to help teach out cooks to create healthy wholesome meals, which in turn, helps other busy families and those working terrible hours trying to maintain a healthy eating pattern.


Newcastle/Central Coast

Kirsten is a mum of 8 (yes 8!) with 3 adult children and 5 younger ones down to a busy and adorable 3 year old! She loves to cook for my big family  including 4 grandchildren. She is skilled at catering to all sorts of diets and situations including vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and fussy kids! She loves saving people time and stress and seeing them enjoy real, home cooked meals. 



Tamara grew up in rural Victoria. From a very early age she had an interest in food & health, cooking independently by age 9. She worked in continental delicatessens & pharmacies where she learned the science of food, a “healthy gut” and its impact on our health. A mother of three gorgeous kids, all arriving early, resulting in underdeveloped digestive systems, multiple food intolerances and allergies. She makes everything from cheeses, breads and fermented foods, and understands  a wide range of dietary needs. Tamara is passionate about creating healthy food without sacrificing taste, to encourage a healthy lifestyle, especially for those who feel overwhelmed by a limited diet, who are time poor, or simply hate cooking!


Northern Beaches

Debbie has a keen interest in food and nutrition and is currently studying to become a Naturopath. Debbie is a mum of one little boy and has one on its way so she is very much aware of the difficulties in consistently cooking nutritious meals while juggling work, children and everything in between. She is eager to be a part of making this challenge more palatable.

Western Sydney


We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch.


Mt Annan/Camden

Bek is a working married mum to 3 hungry boys and has a passion for serving her family wholesome, home cooked food. She wants to be able to help others in her community to do the same.
Be it a gift voucher, a trial cook or a subscription – have Bek over to happily stock your freezer with meals you can have on the table in minutes!


Sutherland Shire & Surrounds

Sarah is a mum of three who keep her on her toes and loves to feed them wholesome, nutritious and delicious food.  Her passion for cooking real food stems from growing up cooking with her grandmother.  On a weekend, you’ll often find Sarah cooking with her kids and filling the freezer with snacks and meals to help ease the mid-week rush.


North Sydney

Heather is from the UK but has lived in Sydney for 10 years. With 2 crazy kiddies, one who tests her creativity with his fussiness & the other who eats everything she makes! She loves to cook good wholesome food without nasties, whether that is a hearty savoury dish or a delightful dessert. She knows how challenging it can be to eat well when life gets busy and is excited to be able to help you enjoy some delicious, home cooked meals




Christiane has 2 older children and has worked for many years in the food sector. As well as cooking she loves a good book. Especially the recipe book kind.



More about Monica coming soon.



Adrienne has grown up surrounded by food from all over the world. Her earliest memories are learning how to cook as a child with her grandmother. Adrienne loves to help out in her community especially if that means making someone’s day a little easier by having their meals prepared.

Could this be you?

Western Melbourne

We are always on the look out for mums and dads who have a passion for cooking and want to work during school hours.

If this is you then get in touch.



Claire is a mum of 4 who loves feeding everyone tasty, nourishing food, made from scratch. Big bake up’s for the kids (and hubbies!) lunchboxes or fancy birthday cakes are her speciality. Living in remote communities and overseas, where items weren’t available, helped her to learn to make things at home. Her passion is to help people in her community who are doing it tough emotionally or physically.


East Melbourne

As a child, Wendy developed a love for cooking. The feeling she gets from creating delicious dishes to serve up for family and friends is pure joy. She spent several years working in the hospitality industry when she lived in New York, and it’s been her dream to combine her passion for food and cooking into a career here in Melbourne. She’s excited to be able to fulfil that dream, while helping people fill their fridge and freezer with wholesome home cooked meals.


East Melbourne

Emily is a pre-kids wifey to a man who loves food, so it’s a good thing she loves to cook, bake and create in the kitchen! She also works for a disability services agency as a kindergarten assistant and absolutely loves it – working with children and in the disability sector is so rewarding and special. But she needed something else to fill up more of her time – so now she does 2 things she loves!

Mornington Peninsula

Coming Soon

South Australia



Robyn is a busy Mum to 2 children. With over 10 years of food experience, she watches life gets busier and work expectations get greater each year. Seeing more and more take away “convenience” processed foods and speed eating amongst friends and colleagues, to the detriment of their health. Passionate about knowing what’s in our food and about food bringing the family together. Her mantra is ‘slow down, eat nourishing food and share what happened in your day today’.  Not everyone can slow down, but she looks forward to giving valuable time back to her clients so they can eat healthier nourishing food and spend time on the things that matter most. She’s excited to bring I Hate Cooking to Adelaide!



Kylie adores cooking! She would love to share her passion for fresh wholesome ingredients with you by serving up delicious meals that will sustain & satisfy. With qualifications & experience in many areas including commercial cookery, Kylie can save you precious time & effort while you maintain control over your life & forget about the task of feeding yourself, friends & family.  Kylie is an industrious mum & wife who is available most week days & Saturday mornings.



Nikki is a busy Mum of 2 children that has always loved cooking. With her professional background of health and safety, hospitality, nutrition and coaching in fitness and movement Nikki enjoys helping others. With her thirst for knowledge of different ways of cooking and how it fuels the body, through to having fun cooking those naughty treats we all love to eat. On the weekends Nikki is busy in the kitchen creating new recipes and playing with different cooking techniques. Nikki loves to cook for other people, and therefore she is a great fit to come into your home and help. It might be that you are too busy, not sure what to eat, have restrictions due to health or just don’t feel like cooking.


Port Lincoln

Having qualified as a cook after leaving school, Kathryn has worked in a variety of jobs and places over the years, including a tour cook around the NT & WA. Now a mum of 2 teenagers, she has a strong desire to be a contributor in her community, who has passion for wholesome and nutritious food. She has found helping busy mums feed their families, other time poor people and NDIS participants, I Hate Cooking the perfect outlet for her passions.

Western Australia



Tanya is a mum of 2 boys, who is passionate about food and cooking as well as providing her family with delicious home cooked meals. She is very active on social media and also on the recipe development team for cookbook authors such as Skinnymixers and LCHF Thermo Foodie and the Chef



Cooking for her family and friends gives Karen the greatest joy. She has always had a passion for cooking healthy and tasty food. She would love to share her passion by giving you the gift of time, by cooking for you. Karen has 2 adult sons and a teenage daughter who still enjoy being spoiled with their favourite meals on request. Her food journey has expanded to exploring Gluten Free, Non dairy and raw cooking options. A sprinkle of spice with a scoop of love are her secret ingredients.



Mel is a mum of 2, who gained her love of food growing up cooking with her mum, who is a talented chef. She loves providing her family with healthy, home-cooked, delicious meals and wants to be able to help other people be able to eat quality cooked meals made from scratch with no hidden nasties.


Perth - The Hills

Fiona heard about I Hate Cooking and knew immediately that she wanted to be involved. She loves meeting new people and cooking for them and likewise, loves being part of a great team. She loves cooking and finds it a creative outlet. It’s theraputic, focusing on something outside of every day life. In the words of Fiona ” It brings me and my customers joy – I LOVE MY JOB.”


Perth North Metro

Amanda is a busy mum of two young kids, who loves cooking and entertaining family and friends whenever possible! With a family history of intolerances and food sensitivities, she understands the importance of making food from scratch. She’s excited to share her love of cooking and passion for healthy meals with the Perth community!


Perth North Metro

Kirsty is a busy Mum of 3 girls. She has over 25 years experience in the food industry and a passion to feed people! Food brings people together and she can’t wait to meet you to help you feed you and your family.





Kirrilly is a ‘from scratch’ cook who grew up making meals from available ingredients, having lived half an hour from the nearest shop. Because of this she can substitute ingredients like a Boss! She has a keen interest in additives and their effect on the body, especially with 3 kids. She hates good food being wasted so is able to reinvent a meal or ingredient so nothing is left behind…unless the dog would love it.



Jody is a busy wife and mum of three boys who became interested in food and additives when her kids were little. She strives to give them the best nutrition possible. Jody love providing her family with yummy, nutritious home cooked meals and is happy to offer this as a service to others in her community in the beautiful town that she lives in.

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