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Learn to cook in your own kitchen where you can feel at ease. Our cooks are all passionate home cooks who will share the journey at your pace.


Our Story

We cook for people every day

Our job is providing nutritious meals for both busy families and NDIS participants. But we keep getting asked, “do we teach people to cook?’ We like to think it is more cooking with them than lessons, but it is building basic skills to help increase independence with the increase of daily living and life skills. We spend time creating good hygiene practises, cooking with you and then we make a shopping list for the next time we visit. Simple, capacity building, from a heart to serve.

Our Cook Eat Repeat Program allows for a minimum of 2 hours. We also spend some time simplifying the recipes for our participants and we allow up to 30 minutes travel time for our cooks. For the most accurate pricing, please request a quote using the link below.


We can offer this service to Plan and Self managed participants at this stage. We are not registered with the NDIS to provide our cooking program.  You can find our NDIS registered services here.


Menu Planning

Learn to menu plan using the ingredients on hand, using the tools available to you.

Online Shopping

Learn to create shopping lists for our next visit and if needed populate a shopping cart for delivery.

Ingredient Prepping

Preparing vegetables and other whole ingredients to make delicious fresh meals.


Learn to love making cakes and cookies, bread or muffins or a quiche. 


Learn to prepare simple stove top meals or use the tools you have available to create meals, designed to help you increase independance.


For those with access to these incredible machines, we can help you to menu plan and do a shopping list so that we can create the most amazing meals without the fuss.


What People are Saying

“I was really scared and nervous but I really enjoyed myself”


So organised and helpful and they worked at my pace “


“I had NO idea the Thermomix could help me to do simple household cooking chores that have been impossible for me until now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful machine”


From our cook…..

Seeing how much they love working with fresh ingredients and doing simple kitchen tasks makes my heart full.”



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