What does it cost?

Our standard service is $165

How many meals will I get?

We make 5 dishes and we guarantee a minimum of 25 serves. Each serve weighs around 400-450g serves, so great for a healthy appetite.

Who is I Hate Cooking for?

Our service is for everyone. We believe that at some point, everyone needs a hand to simplify their life. Be it a new mum or a working parent feeding a family. An older couple or a single person who does not want to cook for one. People who have had a family member pass and people who are struggling with dietary requirements. We love to help both people who hate cooking and people who don’t.

How will my meals be stored?

Before your service we’ll contact you to arrange storage of your dishes. We like to have a shelf clear in your refrigerator where the cold ingredients should be kept until we arrive, and for us to place the meals on completion. You can have meals stored in single or double serves, or you can keep each dish in one large container – whatever suits you. There is a $10 flat fee for plastic containers which we recommend as single use only.

What does I Hate Cooking provide?

For your convenience, we bring along many of the dried herbs, spices and some pantry basics which we use in our recipes. We provide years of experience cooking for families and friends. We prepare all our meals with love and care.

What areas do you service?

We are constantly adding areas to our list. Initially we’ll cover North Brisbane, but keep checking to see where we have expanded to. Don’t see your area? Select ‘My area is not listed’ from the drop-down postcode menu on the bookings page to send us your details so we can let you know when we’ll be cooking in your area.

What extra items do I need to provide?

We will give you plenty of notice about anything we need you to provide. However, we do require the use of your oven for baked dishes. Examples of other items may be baking paper, cake tins or baking supplies. Don’t worry if you don’t have these items. We do have them if needed, it’s just sometimes easier for our cooks to carry less.

What if we don’t have enough room to store the food?

I Hate Cooking is committed to helping people in the community. If you have some extra meals that you would like us to send to a family in crisis, we can deliver them for you. We plan to have a network of emergency freezers to place these meals, for when they are needed most.

What if we want extra menu choices?

The best way to have extra dishes done is to team up with a friend and have a Double Cook. We can do twice as many dishes but then you and your friend get twice as much variety too. Likewise, if you are on your own you can split the service with a friend and share the dishes. Give us a call to arrange this so that we can leave extra time. We will be adding to the menu regularly so sign up for updates to our service areas and menu options.

Can we use you for entertaining?

Yes! We can help you to select a great menu for your special occasion. Many of our dishes are perfect for dinner parties and smaller gatherings. Our after hours service has an additional flat fee of $40.

Look out for our full dinner party menu coming soon. We may also include a couple of great cocktails for you to treat your guests.